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Double Laser Facial

Why this treatment is different?
This unique procedure is not offered elsewhere. It utilizes two lasers to gently treat the skin for multiple problems. The VBeam laser treats redness and the Fraxel addresses textural and pigment issues.

What will be treated?
The Double Laser Facial Treatment will improve fine lines, laxity, uneven or crepey texture, sun or smoking damage, discoloration due to sun spots, age spots, mild redness, and enlarged pores.

How it works
The Fraxel Laser stimulates the production of collagen and breaks up brown pigment. The VBeam Laser reduces redness. They're a great combination for skin that's aged or sun damaged.

What it does
Stimulates collagen production to make the skin thicker, tighter and smoother and reduces redness and brown spots.

How to prepare
Please also observe the guidelines found in Before Your Laser Appointment.

How will it feel
The discomfort with this procedure is mild, estimated as 2/10 (with 10/10 being severe). No anesthesia is necessary.

Procedure time
30 minutes

Recovery time
1 day of redness.

Treatments necessary
Three treatments spaced one month apart.

Procedure results
The first change is lessening of redness and fading of brown spots which occurs in the first week after treatment. At 3 months, the skin will begin to become tighter and smoother; this continues for up to 6 months.

Maintaining treatment benefit
Use of the Obagi Nuderm System will continue the process begun by laser treatment. This system causes regression and suppression of brown spots, promotes collagen remodeling and the production of new elastin and prevents the sun from damaging the new skin surface. Dr. Overman, recommends, uses and carries the Obagi NuDerm System.

$650 per session

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