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Facial Sculpting

Aesthetic medicine goes beyond eliminating wrinkles. When practiced as a true art, it includes facial sculpting. Dr Overman is the only local practitioner who offers all of the following treatments:

Brow Arching
Also called a non-surgical brow lift, this involves the precise placement of Botox® to give an arch to a flat eyebrow or raise a drooping brow. It can lower the inner or lift the outer end of the eyebrow to make the eyes look larger and more alert. A filler, such as Juvederm®, can be used to further lift a sagging brow making the eyes appear wider.

Cheek Bones
Dr. Overman can carefully place fillers, such as Voluma®, so that cheekbones can be created on a flat face or restored to their original fullness on a drooping face. One of the astonishing facts about aging is that our faces lose bone from the cheekbones as well as losing facial fat. Also see the next procedure.

Rounding of a Gaunt Face
With age, some faces lose so much of the underlying fat that the cheekbones stand out too far to maintain the patient's youthful appearance. The high cheekbones that made the face striking in youth can look gaunt with age. Dr. Overman can restore the roundness of youth with fillers, such as Voluma®. This treatment can also benefit patients whose faces were gaunt or hollow even in youth.

Lips can be made fuller on young and on seniors alike. The use of excess volumes of filler on Hollywood stars has made patients believe that this treatment produces fish lips. Rest assured, lips can be treated in a subtle manner to give a naturally full look.

For people who have a disproportionately large lip, the other lip can be augmented with a filler, such as Juvederm, to balance the proportions. The treatment of the lips in many cases can be done with quite small amounts of filler, making it quite economical.

Rounding a Square Jawline
Excess development of the chewing muscles can cause a square, masculine jawline. Botox® can be used to shrink these muscles and make the square face closer to the ideal oval. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, this treatment can also provide a welcome respite from the symptoms caused by clenching or grinding. Dr. Overman has found that treatment with Botox® has broken this habit in her patients and given them long lasting relief from headaches or TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) symptoms.

Receeding Chin or a Weak Jawline
A receding jawline in both men and women can be improved by augmentation with the use of a filler, such as Voluma®. The treatment can make the chin project further forward, or give definition to a weak jaw or to a jaw which seems to have vanished so that the face is continuous with the neck.

Dedicated to making your face look as good as possible without a scalpel.

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