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Volbella Vollure Juvederm Juvederm Plus Voluma Footnote
Thickness Watery Thin Medium Thick Thickest *
Volume 1cc 1cc 1cc 1cc 1cc
Duration 12 mo 18 mo 9 mo 9 mo 24 mo **
Cost $700 $700 $600 $600 $800
Lips Yes Yes Yes Yes
Subtle Lips Yes Yes
Full Lips Yes Yes
Fine Facial Lines Yes
Deep Facial Lines Yes
Smoker's Lines Yes
Frown Lines (11s) Yes ***
Nasolabial Folds Yes Yes
Marionette Lines Yes Yes
Cheeks Yes
Chin Yes
Pre-Jowl Sulcus Yes
Jawline Yes
* This is the consistency of the liquid ranging from watery to jello-like.
** This is the time it takes for the average patient to start to see the volume diminish.
*** Used after Botox treatment to treat remaining deep frown lines.

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