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Testimonials and Reviews

These are real testimonials from patients who have received Dr. Overman's services in Aesthetic Medicine and have given us their permission to share their feedback and excitement.

"Dr.Overman is the reason why my skin looks fabulous!!! Not only did she make me feel so comfortable in the office, but I'm still getting compliments 8 months after my initial treatment and 4 months after my touch up. I look forward to seeing her again and would recommend her to my friends, family and co-workers. I truly love the results."

Judy Orozco
Newington, CT

"I am thoroughly delighted with the facial contouring performed by Dr Overman. She made me look years younger in a very subtle way.....I am told that I look 'rested and relaxed' and not 'what did you have done?' She is very skillful in enhancing one's natural look. I am totally satisfied with the results and can highly recommend her."

Physician colleague of Dr Lillian Overman.

"I am a 61 year old single woman. One morning after waking up and looking in the mirror, I asked myself who are you? I'd also lost my self esteem, self confidence and felt socially disconnected. I decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lillian Overman, to discuss treatments for restoring volume and fullness to my face.

Dr. Overman genuinely cared, didn't rush the visit during my consultation, and answered all my questions. I had a real good comfort level with her. I had no bruising and very little swelling and the results are AWESOME!

I would recommend her and the procedures I had to anyone interested."


"After some initial resistance, I decided to have both Botox and fillers. Dr. Overman's reassuring style made the whole process very easy; the fact that she's an actual medical doctor, rather than a technician, really put my mind at ease.

The results surprised and delighted me! My crows' feet and the creases between my brows melted away. Jowls turned back into a jawline and I regained my cheekbones. Friends suddenly began remarking on my looks. They thought I'd lost weight, changed my wardrobe or gotten a new hairstyle, but no one asked if I'd 'had anything done'. In fact, a new acquaintance was very surprised to learn that I was over 50.

Having Aesthetic treatments has really changed my outlook and boosted my self confidence. I don't feel invisible any more."

Glastonbury, CT

"I have been receiving Restylane treatment for three years, and while I was generally very happy with the results, I have been even more satisfied since utilizing Dr. Lillian Overman's services. In addition to her medical qualifications, she has become expert in the art of sculpting and I feel and look many years younger than my 67 years.

I would highly recommend her skills."

Janette Annabel
Windsor, CT

"Dr. Overman has been my primary physician for many years and I am one of her biggest fans. She brings to her aesthetic practice the same expertise, precision and skill on which her excellent reputation as a practitioner is based. I am thrilled that she has extended her services!"

A happy patient
Marlborough, CT

"I have had both Botox and Juvederm treatments within the past two years, and I am always apprehensive prior to these procedures. Dr. Overman (Lillian) helped me to relax by providing a very thorough explanation of the various treatments, what might be troubling me about my facial appearance in my late 50's, and also suggestions as to the available procedures to enhance my features. I did not feel as though I was being told what to do, but discussing various options. I felt extremely comfortable during the process, and Lillian took her time and did not rush through anything. It was truly a wonderful experience, and the results were above my expectations! "

Diane S.
East Granby

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