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Spider Vein Treatment

Laser used – The GentleMax®

What it treats – Red and blue spider veins on the legs up to 3mm across.

How it works – This laser eliminates unsightly superficial blood vessels while sparing the surrounding skin. The laser gently passes through the skin to heat the red blood cells which in turn heat the blood vessels causing them to collapse.

Why it's better – Laser treatment for spider vein treatment is faster than other methods and less painful. The GentleMax® laser has a unique cooling system which sprays a microburst of cryogen immediately before and after the laser firing, reducing discomfort caused by heat. This cooling mist can be adjusted as needed to improve patient comfort.

How it will feel – Patients will experience some discomfort depending on their tolerance.

Recovery time – Patients may experience redness and swelling for up to 4 days.

Procedure time – 15-30 minutes.

Procedure results – Many blood vessels will disappear during treatment, but others can take several weeks to clear. Greater than 50% clearance is expected after each treatment.

Maintaining treatment benefit – Dr. Overman strongly encourages patients to use sunscreen to minimize the chance of the treatment area turning brown after sun exposure. Dr. Overman, recommends, uses and carries Obagi sunscreens for Healthy Skin Protection® or Physical UV Block®.

Treatments needed – 2 to 3 treatments spaced 8 weeks apart.

Treatment Cost
First 20 Minutes Each Additional 15 Minutes
$400 $125

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