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Skin Tightening around Eyes

Laser used – The EMatrix®.

What improves – In the area over the eye, the EMatrix tightens the skin which lifts excess skin away from the eyes. This is an effective way of treating "hooding" and makes the eyes look more open, awake and larger. On the sides of the eyes, the EMatrix smoothes out crow's feet. Under the eyes, the EMatrix smoothes out fine wrinkles that cause a crepe-paper like texture. The tightening brought about by the treatment reduces the appearance of bags.

How it works – The EMatrix is a device which uses radio-frequency energy to heat the deeper layers of the skin. This heat disrupts the collagen's structure triggering a process referred to as remodeling. In the initial phase of remodeling, the collagen contracts, tightening the skin. The next phase of remodeling is a more complex process. Cells called "fibroblasts" migrate to the treated area and begin to produce new collagen and the old, disorganized collagen is replaced by a new tightly organized matrix. This new matrix makes the skin tighter, firmer and more elastic. This effect will last years with maintenance treatments.

What is special about the device – Laser light cannot safely be used around the eyes, but the Ematrix uses radiofrequency energy and makes it possible to treat this neglected zone. Additionally, the area around the eye is particularly responsive to radiofrequency stimulation.

How it will feel – The sensation has been compared to having an elastic band snapped against the skin.

Who can benefit – The Ematrix does not rely on pigment for its energy delivery so it can be used on patients of all skin colors.

Recovery time – The short recovery time is a benefit of this treatment. It causes a sunburned appearance and sensation around the eyes for around 2 days. Isolated red patches around the eyes may persist for 2 additional days. It is safe to use makeup immediately after treatment to conceal redness because the EMatrix does not perforate the skin.

Procedure results – Patients notice an improvement in the appearance of their skin beginning one month after treatment and continuing for many months thereafter as new collagen is formed.

Procedure time – About 15 minutes.

Maintaining treatment benefit – Dr. Overman strongly encourages patients to use sunscreen to minimize degradation of the new collagen. Dr. Overman, recommends, uses and carries Obagi sunscreens for Healthy Skin Protection® or Physical UV Block®. Results can also be prolonged by using small amounts of Botox around the eyes to prevent the newly formed collagen from being crumpled by squinting.

Enhancing resultsObagi's Elastiderm Eye Cream is recommended to promote the formation of elastin in the area around the eyes further tightening and smoothing that skin. Elastin and collagen are the two types of tissue that make our skin supple and tight. Using the EMatrix in conjunction with Elastiderm Eye Cream to create both new collagen and new elastin optimizes outcome.

Treatments needed – Two treatments are recommended.

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