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Obagi Clenziderm M.D.® Acne Products

Daily Care Foaming Cleanser — This cleanser removes dirt and excess oil with 2% salicylic acid, leaving skin clean and refreshed. Salicylic acid has many positive effects on acne prone skin; it kills the bacteria that cause acne, it loosens dead cells from the skin's surface so they don't plug pores and it reduces inflammation. Salicylic acid also has another special characteristic; it is oil soluble which makes it possible for it to penetrate deeply into pores through the sebum which would block other cleansers. Lastly, it also contains menthol which cools and calms irritated skin.

Pore Therapy — This includes 2% Salicylic acid which unclogs pores, clears dead skin cells, reduces inflammation and kills acne causing bacteria.

Therapeutic Moisturizer — This product contains 20% glycerin which forms a barrier against moisture loss from the skin. It also calms, soothes, and protects the skin while not plugging pores as most moisturizers do.

Therapeutic Lotion — This potent lotion delivers 5% benzoyl peroxide deeply into pores to kill the bacteria that cause acne. It differs from widely available benzoyl peroxide products in that its benzoyl peroxide is exceptionally tiny so it can squeeze into the openings of pores rather than sitting on the surface of the skin where it only causes irritation.


Offering Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella and Kybella injections, Latisse
Laser treatments with Picoway, VBeam, Fraxel, and GMax lasers
Lasers for hair removal, brown spots, spider veins & toenail fungus
Obagi, PCA Peels & Spa treatments at a medical office

Close to Glastonbury, Wethersfield, Hartford, West Hartford, Rocky Hill,
South Windsor, Manchester, Vernon, Hebron, Marlborough, Colchester,
Portland, Middletown, Avon, Farmington, & Simsbury, Connecticut.
The office is right at the Maple Street exit (5C) off of route 2.

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