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Offering Botox, Juvederm, Kybella & Voluma Injections
Latisse, Obagi & PCA Peels
Laser Treatments with VBeam and Fraxel
Near Glastonbury and West Hartford

Understand Your Options
I invite you to explore the treatments I offer and am happy to answer your questions. It is important that you understand your options and are comfortable with your choices, so I offer free consultations and will also answer questions sent by email and text.

Choosing Me Over the Competition
I offer a wider range of facial treatments than my competitors because I specialize in non-surgical treatments of the face. I employ techniques that no one else in this area has learned. My prices are lower than my competitors because I have kept my overhead low. I do not have a large staff to support or pay high rent in a fancy location. Some patients are concerned that low prices indicate low quality, but in my case, the opposite is true. My focus on the face has allowed me to excel in one area and have a streamlined business.

Personalized Consultation
I recognize that no two people and no two faces are alike so you will get personalized attention starting with your first visit. As part of your initial consultation, I will prepare a menu of options and prices that reflects the unique characteristics of your face. You can take your menu home and use it to help you plan your treatment. We can work together to choose a treatment plan that meets your goals and fits your budget. Many of my patients have their work done in stages, coming in when budgets allow. The treatments I offer are well suited to a step-wise approach as opposed to plastic surgery where you have to pay up front for a large procedure.

Collaborative Process
I encourage patients to participate in their treatment process. During more involved treatments, I stop and give patients a mirror and ask for their feedback before progressing onto the next stage. This is particularly relevant to the use of lip fillers as the degree of fullness is very much a personal preference.

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